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Why Online classes? How many competitive exams have you taken? Have you dreamed of getting into the finest colleges? Yet, there are a lot more students and they might have better grades or more experience than you!

Approximately 14,00,000 students attempted the Joint Entrance Exam iit jee with the intention of beating the competition. Overall, the total number of seats available at IIT’s and NIT’s is around 25,370 (9885 at IIT’s and 15485 at NIT’s). Only 2% of the total applicants who applied for IIT-JEE 2013 made it through to an IIT or NIT. Moreover, the same situation can be observed for other high-profile options like board exams, AIIMS, TOEFL, GATE GRE, UPSC MAINS, CIVIL SERVICES, JEE MAINS, CAT EXAM , CIVIL SERVICES EXAM and similar entrance exam preparation programmes.

It can be difficult, however, to find the right educational institutes ,coaching institute or coaching academy that can assist you in getting prepared with relevant study materials for these entrance examinations; the home tutor option can be limited due to lack of expertise and high fees. The resources required in terms of money and resources to attend these coaching centers make them inaccessible to most students. In addition, the ongoing Corona situation also makes it difficult for students to attend these coaching classes physically. So, in this post, I will offer you a solution that can place your child into top colleges & is available from the comfort of your own home & at an affordable price.

Toppr : Better Learning. Better Results.

Toppr Awards

Topper is an online learning platform that aims to be “One platform for all your learning needs” for quality education . They believe that each student’s learning needs are unique, and a coaching platform should do its utmost to meet them.

Toppr provides over 120,000 syllabus combinations for students to choose from.Their syllabus covers 22 boards across the country including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, as well as state boards in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal

Aspirations and goals vary from student to student. The Toppr app covers all the major competitive exams through online courses, including JEE, NEET, CA Foundation, and many more. Our students are encouraged to take Olympiads and Scholarship Exams, such as IMO, NTSE, KVPY, etc., to improve their learning. In addition, the curriculum provides a solid foundation for the SSC exams.

A subject plays a crucial role in the curriculum. Toppr covers all other major subjects (17 in total) in Online classes and is an all-in-one learning solution for schools. There are no other products that offer such a wide range of subjects.

Live Digital Classes

Online Classes Live

You can learn from India’s finest teachers from the comfort of your own home using Online classes. During every live class, they break down concepts to their simplest explanations. Learn concepts quickly as teachers’ clear doubts asked by students during class or you can ask your own questions via live chat. Watch how they solve previous year papers from all boards and exams to find out how you can prepare for your exams.

Learn live from India’s finest teachers

With Live Classes, you can learn concepts and get tips from the most knowledgeable teachers. They will explain complex topics, share tips and tricks, and analyse papers to help you improve.

A class schedule you can follow without traveling

By attending scheduled live classes, you will be able to cover your syllabus from the comfort of your own home.Prepare they’ll in advance by finding out the topic, the teacher, the date, and time of live classes.

Get notifications and never miss a lecture

Be the first to know when a class begins! Turn on notifications to receive updates.

Video Lectures

Even complex concepts can be understood by watching animated video classes. In this way, your fundamentals will be firmly rooted, and you will remember them for years to come. The knowledge you gain from Live Classes will ensure you have what it takes to succeed in all your exams, whether they are school, board, or competitive. Whether you’re starting a completely fresh chapter or revising an old one, they got your back!

Watch short Video Classes to learn new concepts

By watching short video courses created by experts, you can get an in-depth understanding of concepts. Whether you prefer English or Hindi, you can watch these videos and learn the way you wish.

Crisp Concepts to strengthen basics

In each chapter, concepts are highlighted. Every topic is illustrated with diagrams, definitions, and formulas. Mark your favorite concepts for easy reference.

Learn faster with stories

Learn faster than ever by flipping through images, videos, gifs, and questions. You can also use stories for last-minute revisions before exams.

Adaptive Practice:

Test your knowledge with questions tailored to you. Your unique learning goals can be met by asking the right questions at the right time. Through adaptive practice, you will master every concept. It’s easier than ever to manage your practice with Toppr.

Solve unique practice questions to achieve your goals

Toppr analyses your strengths and weaknesses and then suggests questions to you. Toppr allows you to practice questions tailored to your learning style. When your practice is perfectly tailored to your needs, you will be able to learn better.

Choose question sets based on difficulty

Based on your understanding of a topic, you can select easy, medium, or difficult questions. Each stage of your preparation is covered by chapter-wise question sets based on difficulty.

Take a crash course and practice the way you want

Click a button to create your own crash course. Start practising your choice of questions on Toppr instead of flipping through multiple references.

Live Doubts:

When you have doubts, it means you’re learning something from scratch. Those doubts can come up at any time. Toppr enables you to learn continuously despite your doubts. Just take a picture or type your question into the app. Our tutors will solve your problem instantly, 24×7, until you understand it completely, no matter how challenging it may be!

Chat with subject experts anytime, anywhere

Do not be afraid of your classmates laughing at you or your teacher telling you to ask your question later. Regardless of the time, pick up the phone and talk with an expert to clear up your doubts.

Get an instant solution to every doubt

They will answer all your questions, no matter how difficult they may be. They will reply immediately to clarify any doubts you may have. They are willing to explain them fully until you understand them to help you get the best results

Chat with expert tutors for accurate solutions

Teachers of the highest calibre are chosen to assist you so that all solutions are correct. Their education and training allow them to resolve any doubt you may have.

All India online Test Series

Get ready for exams with all-India test series, previous papers, and more. You should take all India test series before your exam to find out where you stand in terms for toppers and other aspirants for the entrance exams. Solve previous years’ questions and aptitude to learn exam strategies and time management.

Create your own tests

Are you interested in seeing how many questions you can answer in a certain period of time for a particular chapter? In under a minute, you can create your own mock test, and work on improving your weaknesses and leveraging your strengths.

Get detailed performance reports

Know how many questions you have attempted, your accuracy, and your average time taken to answer a question with detailed reports. These allow you to track your performance on tests and identify areas for improvement.

Learn better and be exam-ready with Mock Tests

You can solve previous year papers, try mock tests & aptitude test at the all-India level, or create one on your own and challenge your friends. On Toppr, mock tests & aptitude test assist you in developing test strategies and strengthening your weak subjects. Try out as many practice exams as you can to find out how well you are prepared.

Topper mobile App:

Toppr app is a The ultimate learning app with 360°approach Toppr app is available for all platforms



There is a free demo available for students to test the platform.

Toppr Package

Toppr School OS :

With the most intelligent school operating system for total excellence, you will be able to potheyr your school into the future.

Let your school embrace the change and run online classes as the world navigates this new reality

Your teachers should be empowered to concentrate on what they do best. Teach.

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